After a successful first competition in 2018, A4SICC is back for another round in 2019!


Winning team: $10,000 CAD

Runner up: $5,000 CAD


A detailed outline of the case and deliverables will be made available in the fall. If you have any further questions please contact us, and be sure to sign up for updates on our home page!


The world faces significant environmental and social challenges which risk undermining economic growth and human wellbeing. With rapid urbanization, finding solutions that put cities onto a sustainable trajectory is key. At the same time, as we transition from simple digitization into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the global economy is witnessing a diversity of emerging technological breakthroughs, from artificial intelligence, robotics, using big data, the internet of things, to the development of smart cities. There is a growing belief that technological innovation provides the opportunity to develop new solutions that will help to tackle significant environmental and social challenges.

Teams will be asked to create new, disruptive business models that demonstrate how technological solutions can add value to businesses by addressing both environmental and social sustainability concerns. Models should consider the risks, including safety in decision making, transparency, cyber security and risk of job losses. Models must be market - not policy - driven, scalable, and have a measurable impact on key sustainability factors.

If you have any questions or comments, please send us a message through our contact page.